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Stop entertaining the idea that the undergraduate dissertation is easy and that you won’t use any undergraduate dissertation help. Sure, the undergraduate dissertation isn’t as tough as a Ph.D. dissertation or a master’s dissertation. But any undergraduate student who thinks writing their dissertation will be a breeze soon learns the hard truth. Crafting an undergraduate dissertation that speaks volumes about one’s competence and ability for critical thinking takes a lot. It demands lots of determination, thinking, researching, writing, and often some undergraduate dissertation help. Looking for help? Stop looking now. We’re here. And we’ll assist you.


How Many Pages Will Your Dissertation Contain?


The average undergraduate dissertation ranges between 8000-10,000 words or 30-35 pages. But that’s not to say you can’t write a longer one. You can. It all depends on how detailed your overall message is.

James, one of our dissertation writers, remembers how he felt just before he started writing his dissertation. He says, “I saw the undergraduate dissertation handbook, and it was massive. It took me an eternity to download it. My heart sank at the realization that I’d have to read it and implement it. I started pondering all kinds of possible topics. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have wasted time tinkering with all those wildly ambitious topics.”

Luckily for James, he was able to complete that massive project. Most importantly, he got it approved.

We’ve spent some time picking James’s brain. And we’ve gleaned quite a few useful tips. Before we share James’ undergraduate dissertation writing tips, we’ll ask you for a small favor. We’d love for you to answer one question. Have you considered the benefits of quality undergraduate dissertation help? Consider the idea. It’s a good one.

4 Tips to Help You Craft a Great Undergraduate Dissertation


The following are some of the things James wishes he knew before he embarked on his undergraduate dissertation. Hopefully, these tips will help you construct a dissertation that packs a powerful punch. Here are the tips:


Tip #1: Get the Right Dissertation Advisor


Having the wrong advisor can impact your undergraduate dissertation in many ways. If you feel your advisor isn’t giving quality support, find somebody else.

Most schools allow their students to change their advisor if they so wish. And it’s likely your school would let you swap to a supportive dissertation advisor. But don’t wait forever to make this important decision. Make the decision early on. Of course, you’ll need to have a convincing reason for making such a move.

So what does a great undergraduate dissertation advisor look like? First, they should be an expert in your subject area. But students tend to worry too much about the question of expertise. As a result, they may not pay adequate attention to the other equally important considerations. James feels that finding a topic expert isn’t actually the most important thing. According to him, you should pick someone who:

  • Is approachable
  • Is reliable
  • Is reassuring
  • Is willing to give detailed feedback
  • Wouldn’t mind receiving that occasional fear-packed email

Does your advisor look like this? If not, consider swapping to a new advisor. Also, it’s a great idea to use some undergraduate dissertation help at this time.


Tip #2: Family and Friends will Ask Questions


So, what’s your undergraduate dissertation all about?

James remembers getting asked this question more than a few times. Your mother will ask that question at some point. And your aunt. And your cousins. Grandma, too, will want to know what you’re writing about.

But there’s a little problem.

It’s never easy to give a clear, straightforward answer. That’s the reason everyone sees those confused looks on the faces asking the question.

Are you researching a history topic? If yes, the askers might expect you to say, “I’m writing on genocide or the Arab Spring.” But you’ll likely say, “I’m researching some obscure 1830 disability legislation.” That doesn’t sound exciting, and they likely won’t get satisfied. Fortunately, they aren’t the ones who’ll evaluate your undergraduate dissertation.

Having trouble choosing a suitable topic? Consider seeking some undergraduate dissertation help.


Tip #3: Don’t Ask Your Classmates Too Many Questions


It’s normal to want to know how your classmates are faring in the project. But you won’t like some of the answers. Stop asking, “How many pages have you written so far?” They might say, “I’m almost through with the project.” How’d such an answer make you feel if you’re yet to write the first word?” You’ll panic. You might even end up paranoid!

So, stop asking questions. Instead, focus on your project. Do you even have the time for all that? You don’t. But if you must talk to someone, that person should be in a position to help your project. That person should either be your advisor or a reliable undergraduate dissertation help provider.


Tip #4: Doubts are Normal: Stay Calm When They Show Up


You’re smart. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always feel confident around every aspect of your undergraduate dissertation.

James vividly remembers the day he freaked out. He’d almost completed the dissertation when thoughts that the whole project had flopped started assailing him. He felt like forgetting the whole freaking paper and start afresh.

In fact, James even formulated a new research question and embarked on researching it. He abandoned his project. And that might happen to anyone, including you. Luckily for James, his advisor was there for him. He assessed the work and gave feedback that resuscitated James’ spirits. The work didn’t have any major issues. And it’s unlikely your work has flaws so serious that you should abandon your paper.

You see, picking the right advisor means a lot. That positive feedback helped James regain his sanity. As a result, he was able to persist until the end of the project. It never occurred to him that he could use some undergraduate dissertation help.

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